How important is your business image?

Last month, food and drink giants Nestlè announced they had cancelled their sponsorship with the International Association of Athletics Federation (IAAF), due to fear that the recent corruption and doping scandals enveloping athletics would damage its public image. This begs the question: how important is your business image? The importance of having a good image … Continue reading How important is your business image?

Are you commercially aware?

Commercial awareness is an important skill that every employer looks for in candidates. Many students assume that it’s only relevant for those seeking corporate careers. That’s not true. Anyone who wants to be a solicitor, regardless of the type of firm they want to work for, needs to have commercial awareness. Commercial awareness is one of the … Continue reading Are you commercially aware?

10 TED talks to make you commercially aware

Commercial awareness is both a flexible and elusive term.  Perhaps it could be defined as the following: “an awareness of business trends, strategies , successes, failures, threats, opportunities , events and a knowledge of entrepreneurship.” For commercial lawyers, possessing the quality above is essential. A lawyer in a commercial context must have a firm grounding … Continue reading 10 TED talks to make you commercially aware