It’s The Great ESCAPE for EC2!

Today, Stuart, Shauna, Zeeshan, Hyndie, and James from Firm EC2 headed outside of the Student Law Office to EXIT Newcastle and took part in a live escape game!
EXIT Newcastle is based on Westgate Road, in the heart of Newcastle City Centre. They lock teams in a room, and the goal is to get out before the hour is up. The team has to complete different challenges and follow clues, guiding them to the EXIT. 
escape rooms
(L-R) Zeeshan, James, Stuart, Shauna, and Hyndie get ready to face the challenge!

Stuart arranged the session as he wanted to help his firm develop communication and team working skills. Here is Stuart’s report on the game:

“We all started handcuffed to a bench and had to study the room for clues. It was virtually pitch black the whole time and we had to find torches. We made it out the first room quite quickly, as we managed to find all the clues quickly. 

During the whole experience the “murderer”, who was coming to get us after an hour, was speaking to us through the speakers! It was much scarier than we expected! 

Unfortunately we didn’t make it out of the next room but we gave it a good go. We were really close to getting all the questions right. If we had done this then we would have got to the final stage.

We all had a really good time, even though we were petrified throughout the whole hour. We’re thinking of doing another one in our spare time as we feel like the room defeated us!

Elaine Campbell, EC2’s supervisor, congratulated the team on their efforts:

“Well done team! Escape rooms require concentration, patience, and creative thinking. You gave it your best, and worked together to solve the clues. Bad luck at the end, but I’m sure you’ll do it next time!”

Thank you EXIT Newcastle for a great morning!