SLO & EBM students overcome the “Beast from the East” to collaborate once more

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If you cast your mind back to October last year, you’ll remember that our SLO business and commercial firm students travelled to the Northern Design Centre for the first of our collaborations with EBM students creating their own businesses. I’m back with the sequel – our second collaboration took place this month!

There were many differences between our first visit to the Northern Design Centre and our most recent trip. But the biggest had to be the adverse weather conditions we had to face this time around. However, as you can see from our photos, SLO students weren’t going to let the “Beast from the East” stop them going across the river to work with our good friends on the innovative EBM degree.

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The EBM students had been working since 10am, getting ready for our arrival. When we arrived at 1pm it was evident that lots of hard work had gone into preparing for our collaboration. Each EBM student was only given a minute to pitch about their business, explaining what it was and what legal guidance they were in search of. I can only imagine how difficult it would be get all this information across in a solitary minute, however each student really did flourish when discussing their own business venture.

We then chose a business to work with. Each SLO student worked with one business. This was the first time I had discussed legal issues one on one. A few months ago I would have been daunted by this situation but my SLO experience has really helped me in this regard. This being down to the fact I’ve given advice to a real client, which means I’m now comfortable in situations like this. People skills are not only important when acting in the legal sector, they are vital in all walks of life. I have the SLO to thank for this new found confidence.

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After discussing the possible legal avenues which each EBM student should take, we presented our discussions back to the group. I can only speak for myself but I can say my legal knowledge has vastly improved since the last EBM meeting, and I put this down to the legal work I’ve been doing in the SLO. I have produced in depth research and advised my client face to face and in writing about a variety of corporate vehicles. I am also providing advice on intellectual property issues at the moment. For this reason I feel that we were all much more capable of providing accurate, detailed guidance.

I said in my last blog that I was looking forward to seeing the progression the EBM students would make. It’s fair to say I wasn’t disappointed. Each student engaged with the activity and were interested to see what we had to say. Even though many are only at the start of their business ventures, they all had clear goals. I am confident that their businesses will be successful.

Unfortunately as I’m reaching the end of my SLO experience I may not be lucky enough to meet the EBM students again. I do however wish them all the best of luck and will stress to any future SLO students to make the most of any visit they make. They won’t regret it.



This blog post was written by Stuart Blair. Stuart is a final year MLaw student at Northumbria University. Stuart has a Newcastle United season ticket and “enjoys” going to watch them play with his Dad and Brother.