Entrepreneurial Business Management meets the Student Law Office

On Wednesday 1st November 2017, a select group (including myself) from the Student Law Office business & commercial firms were lucky enough to visit the Northern Design Centre to meet with a number of Entrepreneurial Business Management (EBM) students.

SLO Northern Design Centre

Business & Commercial firm students at the Northern Design Centre

Similar to the SLO, the EBM students take a real hands-on approach to their studies and even get to start up their own businesses as part of their degree! They work in teams, like the firms we have in the SLO, and have the opportunity to experiment with a number of projects under supervision. This provides them with valuable experience and allows them to hit the ground running when they go out into the working world, just like us.

I spoke with a number of first years who had only just started the programme and was very impressed by the knowledge and business acumen they’d already gained through the process. Everyone had an idea for a business and many were in the process of bringing those ideas to life, a pressure which I could imagine to be very daunting. Yet the EBM students were calm and excited by the whole idea. I got the impression this was due to the fact they receive great guidance and support at all times. A luxury which the SLO students also have with their supervisors.


EBM and SLO students working together

Like the students in the SLO they were all very passionate and driven. They had a clear mindset about what they wanted to achieve. The business ideas ranged from starting a clothing line to selling confectionaries.

In terms of what we brought to the table, we offered a lawyer’s perspective on some of the opportunities and challenges business owners can experience. We spoke for some time about the type of legal advice the business & commercial firms can offer.

We’re fortunate enough to have the opportunity to visit the EBM students again in February 2018. I look forward to see how they have progressed with those great ideas and hopefully they can notice the development in me and the other SLO students.

Let’s hope this is the start of a fruitful relationship.


This blog post was written by Stuart Blair. Stuart is a final year MLaw student at Northumbria University. Stuart has a Newcastle United season ticket and “enjoys” going to watch them play with his Dad and Brother.