Does your website need a HealthCheck?

Did you know that our Business and Commercial firms regularly perform Website HealthChecks for our clients?

What’s a Website HealthCheck?

Our students can review your website and let you know:

• whether you need terms and conditions and policies

• if your existing t&cs and policies are the best they can be

• what you can do to protect your content

• if you are the registrant of your domain name

How do I get in touch with the Student Law Office? 

If you have a legal enquiry, please contact the Student Law Office on

If think we might be able to assist, our students will invite you to attend the Office for an initial interview. During that interview they will take further details and explain our terms and conditions. Please note that there is no guarantee that we will be able to help, but we will let you know whether we can assist (and in what capacity) within 7 days of the interview. If we can help, our students will research the area of law and invite you to attend the Office again so they can provide you with their advice. You will also receive a letter detailing that advice.

The Student Law Office is an innovative educational programme, where final year law students provide free legal advice to members of the public free of charge. They are assessed on all of the work that they do, and this makes up a significant proportion of their grade for their final year. We are a multi-award winning pro bono clinic, which has been running for 20 years. All of the students’ work is supervised by qualified solicitors and barristers who are Senior Lecturers in the Law School and experts in their field.

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